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5 Natural Effective Ways to Remove Under Eye Dark Circles




remove under eye dark circles

If you’re one in all those who wakes up within the morning, consider the mirror and find those dark circles gazing at you but still, you don’t want to use

the market product with filled with chemicals so relax here are some method which can not only aid lightening to your skin but also gives you a natural glow to

Here I’m visiting explain about 5 natural and effective ways to get rid of the under eyes dark circle which is able to facilitate you.

5 Natural effective ways to get rid of under eyes dark circle.


the foremost common and important vegetable we all have in our kitchen is tomatoes.

it’s many skin benefits among all it also cures the dark circles.

If we see in medical term tomatoes ha the lycopene benefits which help to decrease the looks of dark under-eye circles.

Use the juice of the tomatoes with the cotton balls or simply cut it during a slice and keep it on your eyes.

Apply it on your dark circles and leave it for 10mins later wash it with normal water.

Repeat it twice daily for per week and you may find the result

Green Tea Bags

The caffeine present within the tea shrinks the blood vessels and reduces swelling and puffiness to assist eliminate the dark circles.

you’ll just apply the wet tea leaf bags after using it doesn’t have any side effects and offers you a decent result.

Or just soak the tea bags within the water and keep it for a minimum of 15min twice on a daily basis over your eyes to continue this process for per week.

it’ll offer you the revive and toned skin


I find it a really effective home remedy for getting eliminate dark circles.

Cucumber is that the vegetable with many goodness in it.

The presence of antioxidants and silica in cucumber helps to cure the stubborn dark circles.

Though it’s not a permanent solution if it’s used frequently it helps in lightening the skin round the eyes.

Cucumber helps in recreating the skin and brings back the lost beauty.

Keep the cucumber slices on both the eyes and keep changing the slices every 3mins repeat this process for 20mins for 1week.

Almond Oil

Almond oil includes anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits it also contains retinol, vitamin E, and vitamin Kit keeps your delicate skin under your eyes smooth.

Use it daily before visiting bed over your dark circles and massage gently into the skin.

Keep it overnight and wash it the following morning.

it’ll offer you the most effective result and reduces the under-eye puffiness.


Potato is filled with natural bleaching benefits and also help reducing dark circles and giving the natural skin complexion.

Apply the potato juice with a cotton dab or along with your fingers, onto your dark circles. Apply

it for 10-15 mins and wash gently with normal water.

These are some home remedies you need to try and get obviate your dark circles.

These are natural and provides you the glowing skin.

Not just for the dark circles you’ll also use this for the nice skin.

These have many benefits which can heal your skin from different forms of harmful thing like makeup or any skin product.

Hence, we hope that our tips facilitate your increase your productivity in times like this.

allow us to know within the comment section, for more tips and data.

We hope that our tips help you increase your productivity in times like these. Let us know in the comment section, for more tips and information. Keep visiting our website.

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