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9 Dirty Compromises Struggling Actresses have to make to get a big break.




The Bollywood film industry is full of glitz, glamour, and parties. Most of the people in the Bollywood industry wish to have a glamourous and luxurious life like all famous Bollywood celebrities and stars. As every coin has two sides, similarly Bollywood too has a very dark side which is always kept under the carpet. The real picture of Bollywood is coated in artificial and glamorous glory. But the dirty side of Bollywood can’t be marked as a secret. Getting an entry into Bollywood stardom is nothing like a cakewalk or an accessible mountain to climb.

There are a lot of struggling actors in the film industry who have to make a lot of sacrifices to get a crucial break in their career. Also, many of them have to go through the Bollywood ideology, i.e., “sex first, film role next”. Here, take a look at all the compromises struggling actors have to make in this industry.

1. Casting couch

Casting couch is one of those things which unfolds the dark and dirty face of the Bollywood industry. Every new actor and actresses, once in their lifetime, have to go through the terrifying casting couch experiences. Many casting couch directors and producers demand sexual favour from actors and actresses in return of significant roles in the films.

Actors like Kangana Ranaut, Tisca Chopra, Ranveer Singh, Radhika Apte, Ayushman Khurrana, and Kalki Koechlin have shared their casting couch incidents. On the other hand, Shakti Kapoor and Aman Verma were blamed for asking favours from those who are new to this industry.

2. Molestation

Many actresses have been the victim of physical assault and molestation by producers and directors. In the exchange of giving them a big break or prominent roles in the industry, they demand sexual favours from them, and when they disagree, the directors try to force themselves on to them.

While some actresses force them, some compromise with the demands of these people to get a suitable break in their movie career.

3. They have to go through the vast disappointment

Getting a huge break into the Bollywood industry is more stringent than we can even imagine. From getting abused by the directors and the producers to endless waiting, struggling actors go through every demeaning thing, in their career.

They face rejections after rejections, but it is that just one ray of hope that keeps them going to get a huge break in their career.

4. They have to live in a poor condition

Many Bollywood actors and actresses, who are now on top of their career list, once used to live a very miserable life. Due to a lack of funds and resources, they had to make many sacrifices during their early days in the film industry.

Insanely bad things said by Bollywood stars during press conference interviews. From living in an ordinary house to eating cheap food, struggling stars do everything so that they can survive in this competitive industry.

5. They have to spend money beyond their limits

Struggling actors and actresses don’t only have to go through physical harm and casting couch experience, but they also have to spend a lot of bucks to make a stand in the industry. From paying for very expensive photoshoots to spending a lot on their makeover artists, they spend money beyond their limits.

6. They have to compromise a lot with their self-respect

As we discussed earlier, many struggling actors go through casting couch experience and physical harm. While they go through all this stuff, they are making a sacrifice with their self-respect and self-esteem. To make a place of the mark in the film industry, they have to put their self-esteem in the side and deal with all the unfavourable circumstances.

7. They chose some other demeaning roles to survive in the film industry

More than successful people, our film industry is full of failed actors and actresses. These actors struggle for several years to get a huge break, but they never achieve something that they desire. In fact, in the end, when they run out of all the opportunities and resources, they take up demeaning roles. Some chose to be bar dancers or being part of strip clubs while some even become high-class escorts to earn their livelihoods.

8. Some even end up their lives  

When you become a statue of failure, and you have nowhere to go in life, when all the opportunities get closed for you, you think that ending life is the only option to set yourself free from all the sufferings and harm. The percentage of failed actors, who have given up on their lives due to failure, is quite horrifying in the film industry. This is undoubtedly not the sacrifice but the outcome of failure in this industry.

9. They have to cut ties with their loved ones

Many people who come from small-town and dream to become actors and actresses in films but their families don’t support them. To fulfil their ambitions of getting famous, rich, and wealthy. They move out of their homes and cut ties with their loved ones. Their families also have to face social friction and embarrassment in society because of their work.


It is challenging for an average person to get a breakthrough in the Bollywood industry without the upper hand of someone very knowledgeable to the film industry. Networks and connections play a vital role to access success in Bollywood. Also, there have been a lot of people including know actor and actresses like Yami Gautam, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte, Nargis Fakri, Anushka Sharma and the list goes on, who have made a mark in the industry without having a filmy background. Moreover, the glitz and glamour in Bollywood and finding success in this industry comes with a lot of challenges. To conclude entertainment is the only objective of film fraternity so should be yours, don’t fell in anyone’s trap and get your string attached to anyone.

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