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Lessons that we women should learn from the movie ‘Queen’




Many people’s life got inspired in a positive way by the character ‘Queen’. As the film progresses the way her character goes strong is commendable. The story of this small-town girl named ‘Rani’ who is simple, yet realistic, and relatable in many ways. The transition of ‘Rani’ from being a dependent, introvert, and fragile girl next door to becoming a smart, extroverted, and confident lady is simply so beautiful. The biggest lesson that the movie teaches us is that how a bad relationship can stop you from growing. So, that is why it gets important to give up on it at the right time. Here we have compiled all the reasons that we as women should learn from this inspiring movie:

Explore new things:

It’s your decision what you want to do with the education and the skills that you have acquired. You should always be open to exploring new possibilities without taking your life and carrier decisions under any family or societal pressures.

Wear what you want to wear

As it is your life so it should also be completely your decision. All those people who love you will support you in your comfort and liking in your clothing choices. What you are going to put on your body should completely be your choice.

Get out and travel the world

Don’t stay restricted to a certain group of people. Get out of your city and country and travel the entire world. When you will meet people from different parts of the world and understand their philosophy of life it will help you to be a lot more open in general.

Learn to take chances

Life is all about risks. So get out of the comfort zones of your better halves and try out new things yourself.

It’s completely cool to be best friends with people from the opposite gender

There is absolutely no harm in finding your best friend in the opposite gender. Sometimes you will be able to make better friends with people from the opposite gender than your same gender. So don’t just restrict your self to some limited amount of people.

How to ignore a proposal like a boss…

Does it get really difficult for you to say no to a proposal? Well, the Rani does that was so inspiring. Isn’t it?

Your self-respect is of utmost importance

Never compromise on your self-respect. Be with someone who respects you for the way you are, not for what they want you to become in life. If this is not happening then don’t just wait to move on.

How to successfully reject a boy…

Don’t cry for any boy. Just thank him for teaching you how you deserve so much better than him. Then proudly and happily move on without any regrets and ever looking back again.

How to talk to foreigners in Hindi…

If you are not comfortable in English then don’t hesitate all talk to the new people you meet in your own language and make them understand through actions. They will definitely understand what you are trying to say.

Explore your passion

Life will keep on giving you chances and it will keep getting better with time. So don’t be sad if things don’t work out for you in the first attempt. Don’t just give up and always keep on trying, until you succeed. The one who tries never fails.

Value your family and friends as much as you value your love relationships

Don’t forget your friends and family who are there to support you at all times when you are in a relationship. You should learn to balance it out as both are equally important in a person’s life.

Get out of a relationship in which you are not happy

Never forget that everything turns out for the best reasons. Life will teach you exactly what you’re supposed to learn at a particular period of time as it is a great teacher. If being in any relationship is not making you happy you should immediately get out of it.

How to dance like nobody’s watching…

When you are in a mood to dance don’t give a damn as to who is watching you. Keep on dancing like ‘Rani’ and enjoy your life to the fullest.

     Queen was just like one of us and what she did was extraordinary. We all should always have the courage to never underestimate ourselves and keep on valuing our life’s more. Queen’ ‘Rani’ is the story of a very simple girl from Rajouri, who has been dumped by her fiancé at the altar. She decides to go on her honeymoon, all by herself instead of feeling all down & out. She sets her forever happy spirit free while tracing her journey as she meets new people, makes best friends in a foreign land and lets go of her inhibitions. This is a Kangana starrer movie which is directed by Vikas Bahl and produced by Viacom18 Motion Pictures.

If you haven’t watched it yet then you are really missing out on something that can completely change your life. If you have already watched it don’t forget to share with us in the comment section down below that how you felt about it!