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Tips to stay fit during the lockdown




As the COVID-19 lockdown continues to keep many of us at working from home, it can be easy to fall into bad habits. The bad psychological and physical effects of lockdown are well discussed below.During these difficult times, your mental and physical health is taken on a hit. So, we’ve gathered together some tips on how to stay healthy and fit during the lockdown. Hopefully, they can give you some motivation as the lockdown continues.

How to look after your mental health?

With all the uncertainty in life at the moment, taking care of your mental health has become very important. There are a lot of benefits linked with positive mental wellbeing, which includes:

  • reduced anxiety and depression
  • improved moods and focused thinking
  • an increased self-esteem
  • improved and happy relationships

Practice mindfulness exercises

Mindfulness is a very beneficial practice. If things seem a little stressful at the moment, it could be the ideal remedy. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve your conscious and subconscious memory, and help you with focus. And maintaining a mindful life can benefit your relationships, emotional health, relationships and communication skills. You can begin mindfulness with some basic breathing exercises. Take five minutes out of your schedule to sit and focus on your breath. If your mind wanders here and there, gently bring your focus back to breathing.

Stay in touch with friends and family.

In these challenging times, it’s essential to focus on the positives in our lives. One such positive thing is our access to technology and devices, and how it can be such an excellent tool for bringing us together. With our mobile phones, internet availability, webcams, and other ways of communication it has become effortless for us to connect anywhere or anyone in this world.

Although many of us can’t see their loved ones face-to-face at the moment, we can still be in touch. Speaking with the people you care about can give you a mental boost.

There are plenty of ways that can help you to be connected

  • Call your loved ones. Try to speak with different people throughout the day. It can give you something to look ahead and motivated.
  • Send messages. Try reaching out to family members that you’ve not spoken with in a while, by connecting through social media.
  • Write letters. If you’re feeling old school and you have the ways, this might be the right time to write, to someone you care about.

Try to keep yourself busy.

Although it can be hard to feel productive at the moment, keeping your mind active can be beneficial for positive mental health. Now is the right time to explore your hobbies or find new ones. Challenge yourself to read that book which you haven’t read, or start that journal you’ve always wanted to keep. It would be best if you also did a lot of exercises in your daily routine.

Get enough sleep

Sleep plays an essential role in mental wellbeing. However, when daily life gets disturbed, it’s easy to fall into bad sleep cycles which can adversely affect your health. You can identify a potential issue; you can work on understanding your habits and solutions for dealing with insomnia.

Try maintaining a regular bedtime and avoid the temptation of lying in bed for long periods in the morning or during the daytime. Take some time to wind down at the end of the day and avoid having caffeine, alcohol, or smoking late at night.

Stay physically active

As well as taking care of your mental wellbeing is essential, it’s equally important to stay on top of your physical fitness. With gyms being closed and the daily commute is mostly cancelled, it can seem harder to remain active. However, there are many ways you can keep your body functioning.

Maintain a healthy, balanced diet

Since many of us have started working from home recently, you may find yourself eating a lot more and a lot of unhealthy things, which, although comforting at the moment, can be problematic.

There are so many benefits linked with having a balanced and healthy diet. It’s good for your heart, your bones, your immune system, and your mental wellbeing. So, maintaining a healthy diet during this period is something we should all consider.

Learn about healthy eating

The term ‘healthy and balanced diet’ can sometimes become very difficult to comprehend. We’re often bombarded by advertisements about food that is unhealthy—learning about how and what we eat impacts our minds and bodies. You can also learn about the basics of nutrition or consult a nutritionist.

If you want to dig a little ahead, you can take a course on a number of topics such as the relationship between nutrition and mind, and how to improve mental wellbeing through food and healthy diet.

Keep yourself hydrated

One aspect of healthy eating that’s often overlooked is choosing healthy drinks for your daily routine. Keeping hydrated is essential for staying fit, and it brings many other vital benefits.

If you’re exercising a lot in your daily routine, you’ll want to make sure that you’re drinking enough water. Many activities can feel physically and mentally draining without proper hydration. Similarly, without enough water, you’re more likely to have a difficult time concentrating on your daily work.

Reduce your alcohol intake

A recent study has found that around 21% of the alcohol drinker that they surveyed were drinking more during the lockdown. It may seem a way to escape stress; in reality, alcohol causes a lot of health problem. It can interrupt your sleep cycles. Also, it can refrain you from getting a sound sleep.

There is also a lot of evidence that drinking alcohol can result in greater feelings of depression and anxiety. So, it can be a wise idea to limit how much you’re drinking alcohol during the lockdown.

Staying healthy is a habit.

With some minor changes to your daily schedule, such as getting enough sleep, exercising, eating well and keeping in touch with your family members, can boost your mood and make you happy.

We hope that our tips help you increase your productivity in times like these. Let
us know in the comment section, for more tips and information. Keep visiting our

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