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Workout With Chair at Home




If you are wondering how we can get in the best fitness exercise without spending too much time, here are some solutions for you. It increases your range of motion, boost your stability, and burn your calories also. Now a day’s chair exercises are the latest trend which help’s your body strength and you will feel stressless.

👉 👉To do this exercise stand straight and keep the chair at your back. next keep both the palms on the chair and with the help of a chair do up and down be careful that the bone of the waist is straight.

👉 👉Now do pushups – for this keep two chairs together and keep your both the palms but in keep in mind that there should be some gap in between the two chairs so that your face comes in between the chairs and keep both of your legs a little separate and start doing pushups

👉 👉Sleep down straight on the floor with the help of a table or chair keep the down part of your knee and now keep your both the hands down your head and spread your hands by rotating left

👉 👉Stand straight and keep the table at your back and keep your one leg on the table and join both the hands keeping straight up and down.

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