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Top 10 Famous Bihari food




 The traditionally wealthy land of the state is equally known for the overplus of delicacies that feature in its culinary art. Here I am presenting prime ten known Bihari food.

 Litti Chokha

 The lip-smacking style of Litti Chokha, savored by one and each one, desires no introduction. it is your grand welcome to the food of state, altogether its ghee-dripping glory. It consists of wheat and sattu with spices, kneaded into spherical spicy balls, swaybacked in clarified butter. the texture of Litti alongside the crisp crust makes it a foodie’s delight. Chokha is created from cooked vegetables like potatoes, brinjal, tomatoes conjointly add chopped onion, garlic, ginger, mustard oil salt, and being served with litti. Sattu or deep-fried gram flour forms a specific part of Bihari food and culinary art. The sattu is mixed with spices and crammed in wheat dough balls, rolled and broiled with clarified butter on a hot plate to form sattu paratha that is to boot known as makuni.

 Dal Peetha

 Dal Peetha is that the Bihari due to cooking dumplings or Momos. This illustration food of state is roofed with rice flour and crammed with lentil paste, along with side spices and pickle. The dumpling is then steamed or deep-fried and makes for a healthy breakfast. Another variant of usually|this can be} often once the lentil paste is mixed with spices and rolled into chappatis and is termed Dal-Puri.

 Parwal ki Mithai

 Biharis certain appear to have a craving. affirmative you scan that right, they even turned the plain previous vegetable like parwal/patol (pointed gourd) into a sweet dish, resounding off the food of the state. And boy, it tastes heavenly. The inner pulp of the parwal is scooped out, boiled, swaybacked in sweetener, and packed with sweet khoya preparation. the highest result appearance as royal as a result of it tastes!

 Sattu Sharbat

 Sattu Ka sharbat can be a preferred plunge state that is essentially a product of roast gram flour. jam-choked with supermolecule, this savory drink could also be a true energizer and a meal in itself.


 Jaggery sweetener poured everyplace gently deep-fried cereal, then formed into sizeable balls by the mothers and grandmothers of the house. discuss comfort food! The cereal is additionally either cereal (muri), crushed rice (choora), or Ram Danu. The laai goes to be your favorite Saturday evening munchie if you’re attempting it!

 Gur Anarsa

 Rice flour and sugar getting ready to kind this lovely Bihari food dish that is found all year long. it’s then coated in Sesamum indicum seeds and deep-fried over medium heat till it achieves the correct shade of red. Bite into Associate in Nursing anarsa and soak at intervals the sweet treat that awaits you!

 Kadhi Badi

 This uncomparable favorite yummilicious (if such a word exists) dish is another staple delicacy of Bihari food. The gravy (Kadhi)as well as a result of the badi ar ready from besan (gram flour). The gravy conjointly consists of yogurt. it has always complimented with rice and/or puris.


 Khajuria is that the foremost usually ready snack of Bihari food. The mixture of flour and sugar are deeply deep-fried. One will even use rice flour instead of flour and sugar instead of sugar to create completely different varieties.

 Mutton Kebabs and Reshmi Kebabs

 Bihar is equally known for its luscious non-vegetarian delights. Patna’s known Mutton Kebabs have an Associate in Nursing equally wealthy and historical origin. The aroma from a tiny low search in Kadamkua attracts you would like a magnet and introduces you to Mahgu; His forbear was a cook at intervals Brits court. Mahgu’s Mutton Kebab’s ar a nice miracle to your style buds.


 Laung-latika could also be a standard sweet of the food of state, ready throughout festivals. though rather like alternative stuffed delicacies, Laung lata’s Clove at intervals the center of the crisp crust makes it stand aside from the others. The pungent style of the clove alongside sweet stuffing swaybacked in sugar-syrup melts at intervals the mouth; the advanced amalgam of tastes altogether makes Laung Lata exclusive to the state. This delicacy is good for cold winters with known outlets settled close to the Patna Museum.

 These are some food from the state you’d love them. These are the known dish all the approaches from the state everybody should attempt. ? Hence, we hope that our tips help you increase your productivity in times like these. Let us know in the comment section, for more tips and information. Keep visiting our website.

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