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10 Simple Health Tips for Monsoon




health tips in monsoon

The monsoon season is the beautiful season among all the season but during this, you have to be more careful and protective towards yourself. Keep your body a healthy one by following these simple steps explained below. This will surely help you to keep yourself infected free.

Maintain personal Hygiene

Keep your immune system good by drinking immune booster drinks.

Wear clean and dry cloths as well as footwear.

Keep your house neat and clean.

Take bath daily.

Strengthen your immunity

If you have a weak immune system you can easily be affected by the infections.

Try consuming garlic ginger and cereals as much as you can on your daily diet.

Vitamin C helps your immune system to have a kick start.

Drink lemon tea or green tea daily.

Avoid Junk food

We all are very much attracted to junk food which is very bad for health especially on monsoon season. Eat as much as healthy you can. This is the best thing to avoid infections or viral during the monsoon season.

Do not store stagnant water

Try to clean the areas where the water gets stored because it gives birth to different bacteria’s which is enough to make you sick anytime. It is good to clean the places where rainwater is stored every time for good health.

Drink boiled water and boil vegetables properly

Drinking boiled water and eating boiled vegetables is have to be a common nature in everyone. Heat kills the bacteria and germs present in water and the vegetables. Washing the vegetables thoroughly ad then boiling it kills all the germs present in the vegetables.

Add a disinfectant to the bathwater

Everyone enjoys playing in rain but make sure if you are wet with rainwater do not forget to take a bath with a disinfectant like betadine, Dettol, savlon. It will help in killing the germs and keep you healthy. Not only this clean your leg hand and face whenever you come home from outside during the monsoon.

Wash your hands

Washing hands should be your 1st priority during monsoon. Don’t touch anything without washing your hand. Wash your hand before taking your food thoroughly. Try making this your hobby. The harmful germs present in your hand during the monsoon infect you as well the person close to you.

Get your clothes ironed

Getting ironed your clothes daily can kill the germs present on your clothes due to the heat. During monsoon, the cloth doesn’t get enough sunlight due to which it gives bad odor the wardrobes where you keep your clothes also contain germ so ironing your clothes make it wearable germfree during the monsoon.

Get enough sleep

Sometimes not getting enough sleep also make you sick. A night of good sleep can boost your immune system which is a beneficial thing during the monsoon time. Enough sleep also fights from common flu and cold during monsoon. So, try sleeping early during monsoon.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is one of the best remedies to keep yourself healthy. Not only in the monsoon but also exercise in the normal days as well. it not only keeps you in a shape but also gives you a great immunity system which helps you to fight with the germ of the monsoon. It also improves your blood circulation as well as treats you a good hormone.

These are some of the things you have to keep in mind during the monsoon. Taking extra care of yourself is quite important during this season. Hence,

we hope that our tips help you increase your productivity in times like these. Let us know in the comment section, for more tips and information. Keep visiting our website.

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