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Items that we women need to pack for our solo trip




solo trip items for women

Going on your first solo trip? Have no idea what to pack? First thing’s first: If you’ve never traveled solo before, start the planning days before leaving! There’s nothing more empowering being a woman than discovering a new destination alone. Its 21st-century women can get to do what they want when they want without anybody’s permission. You will get the opportunity to meet more people, and learn a whole lot about yourself in the process. Of course, whether you’re just kicking off your solo travel career or you’re a veteran there are some things—for safety’s sake—that each woman should carry with her. Here we have provided the list of all those things which you should never miss out on especially when you are traveling solo:


Passport (with visa, if it is required):  Passport is the first most important thing without which you won’t be able to travel.

Debit card: Ofcourse how will you make payments without a debit card.

Credit card: Same in the case with your credit card. Both are important according to the expenses you are going to make.

Insurance card: Nobody should miss out on this important card.

Student card: It great if you want to get your discounts on everything from hostels to bus tickets.


Tanks: Flowy tanks will look nice with everything you wear. You should at least carry three with yourself.

T-shirts: They are the basic necessity for every woman as they are so comfy. But make sure that you don’t carry too many.

Long-sleeved shirt: No matter how warm the weather is you might always need it in the case of mosquitoes.

Fleece or jacket: You might start feeling cold anytime anywhere while traveling. So this is also a must carry.

Jeans: Who can live without jeans? This is another must-have which you can wear with anything and everything.

Running Shorts: Even if its cold, shorts work best when you have to rest in your hotel rooms after all day of traveling.

Dress: Just make sure you’re not taking anything too revealing, otherwise they are extraordinarily easy while you’re traveling

Underwear: Always carry an ample supply of underwear for emergencies.

Bras: Obviously, the more the better.

Socks: Socks are a necessity no matter what the weather is for protecting your feet from shoe rashes as you will have to walk so much.

Warm hat: Always a good idea if you’re traveling to cold weather places for protecting your ears.


Flip-flops or sandals: Of course you won’t b able to wear your shoes everywhere especially inside your hotel room.

Running shoes: This is a must as you know how much one has to walk when they are traveling.


Diva Cup: You will not have to bother carrying around tampons or pads; just get one of these and you will be sorted.

Face wash/wipes: They will make your life damn easy in case you when you won’t be having access to water.

Sunscreen: While traveling you are exposed to the harsh UV Rays of the sun a lot. So sunscreen is a must-have to protect your skin.

Brush/comb: How will you manage your messy hair without it?

Towel:  How else you will wipe your face and body then? Of course, you can not borrow it from anyone else.

Shampoo/conditioner/body wash: Bathing is a must while traveling. So definitely you shouldn’t skip on these.

Toothbrush + toothpaste: In case you don’t like the one available in your hotel room.

Razor + tweezers: For any beauty or safety emergency. They will work in both cases.

Deodorant: After so much sweating while traveling you definitely might need one.

Nail clipper: No harm in carrying.


Sunglasses: It is another must-have for protecting your eyes from the dust and the sun. But make sure not to carry the expensive ones as there are a lot of chances of losing them.

Scarf/Stole: For covering your ears on chilly nights and will also help in covering and protecting your hair from the sun.

Watch: A watch is a must while traveling to keep your self updated about the time. You can take out your phone every time you need to see the time.

Cross-body purse/sling bag: This is important to carry all your essentials while you are moving around the city or day tripping.

Electronics (don’t forget the chargers!)

Phone/iPod: How else will you stay connected with the world?

Camera + memory cards: If you are taking a lot of pictures then this is a must to not miss out on anything.

Headphones: Traveling without music is no fun They also help to distract yourself from the annoying passengers on your train, buses, or taxis.

Adapter: You will definitely need to charge your phone from time to time. Every time it won’t be possible to get access to a charging port. Adapters will then come to your rescue.

Items of Choice

Makeup: We all women know how much it is important for us to look presentable. Makeup is obviously a must-have for all we women out there.

So whenever you are planning to travel solo revisit this guide for tactics to help you pack and making you prepared for every imaginable scenario. Don’t forget to share your views in the comment section down below!

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