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Sings of True Love in a Relationship




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Are you looking for signs of true love from a man? Whether he is giving his genuine, authentic love to you or not? If this is so, then you are not in this alone!

In today’s world, more and more people have started questioning their relationship and doubting their other half because cheating on somebody has become easier than ever before.

It is certainly true that the internet has made it easier for people to develop new fresh love relationships towards virtually anybody, whether it is justified or not. This makes it more prone to destroying existing relationships, as well.

It is very easy these days to start doubting the relationship and become suspicious of your lover as love isn’t an exact science.

Does your man genuinely love you? In this article, we will go through all the signs of true love from a man’s side. This will undoubtedly show that his love is genuine or not?

What is true love? 

But before going into that, let us discuss what actually is true love. True love is entirely different experience. True love is the type of love that you have for someone who defies all the established logic of human behaviour. Human behaviour is easy to understand in ordinary life. There are certain actions which have certain reactions. If someone hurts you, you get angry. If someone gets what you wanted, you start getting jealous. The triggers we encounter in our day to day lives these are natural responses to it. But when it comes to true love all of this logic goes out of the window.

True Love defies all the reasons.

When it comes to this particular person, you find yourself not acting based on your primal instincts. Love is truly unconditional. Even when they hurt you, you still love them. You find yourself celebrating anyway if they get something you both wanted. True love makes us a better human being in a lot of ways.

Difference Between True Love and Infatuation

True love takes time to blossom. Infatuation and sexual attraction is what you experience in the first year or so of a relationship. But the first arguments and the first few misunderstandings, start to enter the picture once the sparks settle and also the bursts of infatuation start to fade. Most couples start to drift away emotionally at this point and may even end up breaking up as they feel that they are incompatible.

We find someone that we keep coming back to every once in a while. Here we truly understand the person and the arguments only make the relationship stronger. That, my friends, is called true love.

A relationship in which both of you deeply understand each other and feel compatible with each other, and most importantly, love each other, chances are, you are in true love.

In a perfect romance, the following are some of the signs of true love. 

  • There is no give and take in love. You unconditionally give to the relationship without expecting anything back from your partner in return.
  • You are just filled with pure happiness just after watching your special person smile or laugh out loud even if you yourself are having a bad day.
  • You may feel hurt when your lover upsets you, but this will never make you angry. You cannot stay annoyed at them for longer because this hurts you even more.
  • Even if they may not realise it, you make sacrifices for their happiness.
  • You will be going to great lengths to make efforts to improve your relationship. You will also try to please your partner and make them feel loved and special.
  • You cannot hurt them in any way when you are truly in love with someone.
  • You always try to keep your promises. When you make a promise to the person you are in love with, you will always make sure that you keep it no matter whatever happens.
  • You see them as part of your life and your future when you truly love your partner.
  • You are always willing to help in their difficulties and share their burdens even though you have problems of your own.
  • There will not be any place for pride and jealousy. You will feel proud when they achieve something even though you may have failed at it. You cannot be jealous when you genuinely love someone.
  • To see them happy, you are willing even to suffer.
  • You think of your partner’s opinion before doing something for yourself. Whenever you have plans of your own, you think of your partner’s perspective before doing something for yourself.

True love can never be forced. It is what that has to be experienced naturally and wholeheartedly. You cannot fake true love no matter how hard you try. It’s pretty hard for any couple to ever experience true love,if they fail on overcoming the itch at the end of their stage of infatuation.

If both partners can understand each other use arguments to make their bond stronger, and relate to each other, they will start loving each other’s company and will totally become inseparable. This bond when it turns to a pure and selfless love is what we call true love.

So are you still getting there or are you in love? Ask yourself honestly and don’t forget to share with us in the comment section down below!

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