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Things that would be best if you never said them to your kids.




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All parents know how their words can influence the perspective of their kids and that’s why it is important to never ever say some things to your kids. It can seem like a challenging task for parents to learn how to talk with their children without giving a wrong impression. To make your kids feel loved and supported, we will guide you on how to talk with them in a healthy way. This blog entails a list of 7 things that you should never say to your kids.

In this section, we have listed 7 things that will help every parent to do no harm to their kids while speaking to them. If you are reading this blog, then you must be a parent or are expected to be so let us tell you that It is quite important to be conscious around our kids especially while they are growing as it can affect their overall development.

  • You Can Do Better

Most parents make the mistake of saying you can do better, however, we suggest you not pressurize your children and appreciate them. Celebrating your kid’s small achievements as it will boost their confidence and they will automatically put extra effort. Let your kids know how much you value their small achievements and never say you can do better rather appreciate their hard work and celebrate for their small victories.

  • It Is Not a Big Deal

Some children face some issue or they get upset about something and one of the worst mistakes a parent could make is by telling them that it is not a big deal. Do not make this common mistake of invalidating their feelings as they will hesitate to talk with you and not share how they actually feel. Do not say it is not a big deal and ask them what is bothering them and you are there for them. No matter how big or small the issue is, let them know how concerned you are and listen to them. Let them share it with you and never tell your kids that it is a petty issue or not a big deal.

  • I am Disappointed With You

Another thing that you should avoid telling your kid is that you are disappointed with them. We understand sometimes as a parent, you get disappointed, however, avoid saying these words to your kids. Most children while growing up feel they have disappointed their family as they often hear their parents telling them how disappointed they are. You can rather tell your kids that you are not happy with your kid’s activities. We often put expectations on our child and constantly tell them how disappointed we are as a parent but this is not healthy for their growth.

  • I Told You

We often as parents tell our kids that we told them so when they make a mistake. If your child has made a mistake, then avoid criticizing them harshly by saying that you already warned them. You must be correct, however, now when the mistake is made, tell your kids to not get disappointed and let it be a lesson from where they can learn and avoid making such mistakes in the future. It is not important to prove yourself right rather make your child understand how he could have avoided landing into such a situation and make it a healthy life lesson for them.

  • You are Fat

Times have changed rapidly and now kids have become tech-savvy and they avoid playing outdoor games. Some kids gain weight and often parents tell them that they have become fat. It can impact them and make them conscious so we suggest you not say such words as it will lower their self-esteem and confidence. Do not body shame your child from an early age as it will hinder their growth and they will always be conscious while growing up. Many experts have suggested telling politely by saying do not eat this as it is not good for your health. This way, they will become self-aware and make better choices.

  • Do Not Cry

Most parents make a disastrous mistake of stopping their kids from crying. They tell their kids that it will be fine so stop crying. It can be frustrating for parents, however, we warn our readers to not make this major mistake as it can make your kids conscious. We recommend you to ask your kids why they are crying and what the matter is and console them.

  • Act Like Her

I wish you behave like her or him, this is a common line said by many parents. We recommend avoiding such acts as it is not healthy. This is commonly told by so many parents to act as a specific child. Do not knock your kid’s self-esteem by comparing them with another child. Never ever say such harsh words and demotivate your child. It can be a nightmare for your child if you compare them with someone else. By saying such words, you will make them feel like they are not wanted. We suggest to motivate them to become a better version of themselves.

We have listed the top 7 things that every parent must avoid saying. Some parents are not conscious and they say whatever comes in their mouth which eventually affects their child’s growth and overall development. Do not hinder your child’s healthy growth and read the blog to find out some of the important things that should never come out of your mouth. Do not worry as you will easily raise your child in a healthy environment and give them space to explore themselves without causing any stress.


In this blog, we have enlisted 7 things that every parent should consider and never ever say to their kids. Find out how to have a healthy conversation with your kids by making small changes.

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