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6 Best Wedding Venues to Choose Within a Budget in India




Wedding Venues

If your wedding bells are ringing this year, then do not wait and plan your Destination wedding within a budget. Get a chance to experience the time of your lifetime by selecting the best wedding venue for your wedding with your loved ones around. Most couples prefer having a destination wedding in India, however, most of them think it will burn a hole in their pocket. Do not worry as we have shortlisted 6 wedding venues to pick from within your budget so that you do not have to compromise. We understand how stressful the whole experience can be and how hard it is to shortlist a venue. You can thank us later as we have compiled a list of the best destination weddings in India that are perfect to organize your dream wedding ideas.

Know The Top 6 Wedding Destination Venues in India

Still, figuring which place is the perfect venue? Do not stress out as we have got you covered and made it quite easy for you by mentioning the top destinations that are ideal for you to host all your wedding functions. This section entails a detailed guide on the destination venues in India that are a perfect match to fit within your budget. It is not at all true that what is the best will cost you a bomb as we have explored and picked cost-friendly wedding destinations.

Goa – Place of a Dream wedding Destinations

Goa Dream wedding Destinations
Goa – Wedding Destination

Goa is a perfect match for those couples who are looking for an underwater hotel and a lush green destination. Getting hitched here will be a dream come true for many, however, some of you think that it will not fit your budget. Well, let us tell you the good news that goa wedding cost, there are so many resorts offering a splendid and picturesque view to organize your Destination wedding in India without exceeding your budget. Host pre-wedding and post-wedding functions and light up everybody’s mood. Just make sure that you plan your wedding in the month from October to February as it is a perfect time to enjoy destination wedding venues in India.

Jaipur – perfect location for a wedding

jaipur wedding destination
Jaipur – Wedding Destination

Have you dreamt of getting hitched in a luxurious place? All your dreams will come true by hosting your lavish wedding at this destination in India that blends perfectly royalty and lavish wedding venue in Jaipur. It is a splendid venue that offers views and a colourful wedding where you can sit back and enjoy your wedding. There is a wide range of heritage and boutique hotels where you can organize an extravagant function. You can also experiment with the theme as many resorts offer a fusion of heritage and a British theme. Make your wedding venue memorable by spending time with your family and friends.

Mussoorie – hitched in hills for wedding

Mussoorie for wedding
Mussoorie for wedding

For mountain lovers who have always dreamt of getting hitched in hills, Mussoorie is the perfect spot. What better way to start your after-married life and create unforgettable memories? Famous for its quaint and scenic views, this is the ideal venue for those who are looking for an escape from their city life. Ditch the city destination wedding and book a resort in Mussoorie and enjoy a peaceful wedding away from the chaotic city life. Get married in a breathtaking venue that not only has an impressive view but also a perfect destination for making your guests feel welcomed. You will find so many resorts and hotels that will fit your budget no matter how high or low it is. Enjoy your gorgeous wedding destination in India at the ultimate Destination. Avoid the monsoon season to get married in this destination as all other seasons are perfect.

Kerala – Kaleidoscopic Affair with the Backwaters

Many couples prefer a beach wedding, However, they look for an affordable yet less crowded spot. We have got a perfect destination that fits the Description that is, Kerala. You will be surprised by the unmatched hospitality and swanky resorts that will not cost you much and yet help you organize your dream destination wedding in India. There is a long list of resorts with backwaters Where you can set up your wedding functions and enjoy the serenity. Exchange your vows in this peaceful Destination with your close ones around. Just make sure that you book well in advance to get your favourite resort.

Shimla – Dream city for a wedding venue 

Another destination wedding in India that offers harmony and lush-green landscapes is Shimla. You will be surprised as this destination is undervalued and many people overlook this. It offers a pleasant climate and picturesque destination to host all your wedding venues without exhausting your budget. Organize a hassle-free wedding as the resorts offer excellent hospitality and will make you feel welcomed. Hire a wedding planner that will enhance your experience by decorating the resort with your favourite theme and making the wedding stressless.

Udaipur –  Romantic wedding city of lakes 

Last, but not least, Udaipur is a romantic destination for a wedding in India where you can make your dreams come true and make memories that will last forever in your hearts. This popular city is surrounded by lakes on the four sides and offers a majestic view that will leave you spellbound. If you want a royal venue offering a lakeside view, then do not hesitate to pick this destination as it will be your cost of a destination wedding in India. Well, book in advance as this place is always in demand and all the best resorts are booked in advance.

We hope we have helped you in shortlisting the budget-friendly destinations in India where you can create memories of a lifetime. Plan a perfect Indian wedding at a dream destination without crossing your set budget. Experience a blissful time with your loved ones in the above-mentioned venues. We have mentioned the top 6 wedding destinations and also listed a few reasons why a specific destination wedding in India is best for you to organize your wedding. Host all your wedding functions in a luxurious yet affordable venue without stressing yourself out.


In this blog, we have compiled a list of cost-friendly 6 wedding venues that are a perfect match for you to organize your dream wedding within your budget. Find out which destination wedding is more suitable and pick the best.

We hope that our tips help you increase your productivity in times like these. Let us know in the comment section, for more tips and information. Keep visiting our website.