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How to have a financially successful wedding




financially successful wedding

For a lot of us, our wedding to our closest friend is the prime celebration and the one that we will cherish for the rest of our remaining life.  Make sure you stay cautious of your expenses, so you’ll have something more than family pictures when you start to build your marriage life together. You really can create a unique, stylish, and memorable ceremony without affecting your wallet.

  1. Save on Invitation cards and “Thank You” Notes.

Often, Invitations is one of the foremost things on a couple’s list, and all those invites can quickly add up over your planned budget. To help your account, if you go for paper invitations and other cards, look around the online store first. Keep your design sober and look for the lowest price, also opt for plain white cards and envelopes instead of coloured ones. To save even more, you can decide to print your stationery at home or take the help of your relatives. For more improved savings, consider going digital with your paper. Many cards making companies now offer wedding e-cards, which will save your postage cost.

  • Your Wedding Transport

While most people traditionally opt for a limo or an expensive car at their wedding, this can get pricey. Ask from your friend or family members who have an excellent vehicle that you could use instead, or contact someone who could lend you a vintage car for a day?

  • Decorations, Flowers and Dresses

It’s all too easy to exceed your budget for the wedding attire, but you don’t have to! Instead of going to a premium boutique for your dress, try shopping online first. You can get a truly a fantastic design and a perfectly tailored clothing, all for a fraction of the cost at significant shops. Also, you can look out for the regular sales! On these websites.

“We’re living in a universe that’s always on-the-go. Today’s couples want luxury, convenience, and affordability. Order your attire via your smartphone, have it arrive at your home, and send it back when you didn’t like.

For decorations, opting to have a wedding in winters will save you lots. With most venues and other churches already decorated out for the Christmas and winter holidays, you’ll be getting decorations for no cost!

To save a few dollars on floral arrangements, try to use those flowers that are in-season and avoid using very costly flowers, which can be many times the price of roses! Stick to one or two types of flowers, and use a lot of flora and greenery to fill in your arrangements. You could even include non-floral elements like lanterns to add interest and beauty without raising the cost.

  • Venue Scheduling Options

You can often save more bucks at your chosen venue by changing the time of day and duration of stay that you have booked. The most significant way to make a dent in wedding expense is to book in the off-season when there is no demand for wedding venues. If that’s not possible, opting for a Friday afternoon or evening or a Saturday event around lunch will help you keep costs down significantly. For timings, consider booking a few hours’ affairs instead of a full day booking which will save a few more bucks.

  • Memories and Musical Moments

While most among us hire a professional videographer and a photographer, you can keep expenses down by choosing a photographer student from your local college. You can also hire a local video processing agency to digitize your favourite photos and create a wedding video for you.

For music, consider hiring local students or recent graduates of a local music school. It will cost you a lot if you choose professional artists for this activity. Sometimes these students are also available to play at your reception. Also, a DJ will be a better alternative than hiring a whole band for the event.

  • Catering and Cake

Drinks are often one of the costliest parts of any wedding event. Ask your wedding planner if you can bring your wine, or consider offering just beer, wine and a signature drink instead of a full bar. Skipping the customary champagne toast can cut costs, too.

For the meal, a few courses can often work out cheaper than serving appetizers, especially if you’re biased about the set menu. Vegetarian meals usually cost less than the non-vegetarian ones.

For your cake, try to avoid expensive ingredients and fillings on your cake. You could even consider having a customized cake according to your budget, which will give you significant savings.

  • Reception and Favors

Having your wedding and reception event at the same place will save a significant amount of money; also it’ll cut down on travel time for everybody as well.

And now, a few advice to help you get smart about your financial goals.

  • Don’t Get Distracted

With all the wedding inspiration from Facebook, Pinterest, and other internet websites, it’s all too easy to exceed your budget. Try to stay regular, and focus on what you want, use your imagination and creativity, and your wedding will be a reflection of who you are as a couple.

  • Ask help from your friends and dear ones

If you have a budget constraint, give the responsibility to your friend who will keep a check on the spending and overall expenditure. Look for the friends who can click photographs for free or manage the event responsibly.

  1. Use Professional Budgeting Tools

There are a lot of available internet tools which consists of series of questions, as it identifies the wedding areas which are most important to you and provides, budget-friendly solutions customized to your unique style and financial scenario.

I hope these cost-saving tips for your wedding day have been useful to you. With any luck, you’ll be able to save some extra bucks and use it for the lifetime of new memories or occasions that awaits you as a couple. Greetings on your big day!

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