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wedding ideas

We’re always talking about the latest trends, styles, fashion and brainstorming creative wedding thoughts, and we especially love involving ourselves at the beginning of each year. So what’s to come in the coming moment? What will the clothing trends be? And many questions flying in our head.

Below, you’ll find many ideas, trends, thoughts, and inspiration that we are excited to see more of in the coming years. From décor moments to Jazzy music, we’re obsessed with sharing some of the brilliant ideas for your wedding event.

These are the ideas that could take your wedding event from “general wedding” to “wedding of the decade”. We hope these ideas inspire your thoughts to create some of the beautiful memories.

  1. Let Art Inspire You

Art is a big theme in wedding ceremonies. From invitation cards that features one-of-a-kind creative logos to unique installations at reception and ceremony, couples are looking to the art universe to present a new take on traditional wedding decorations. Many wedding planners feel they love finding inspiration in fashion shows, art exhibitions and galleries.

  • Prioritize the Guest Experience

You’ll hear a lot among people about guest experience—and that’s because it’s so crucial. If you want your wedding to be a night to come in your dreams, consider astonishing everyone with something really which they weren’t expecting. You can chat with your partner about what makes sense to your wedding and your budget. And don’t be shy to think outside the box: From renting an actual Ferris wheel to hiring exceptional art performers, can add spice and memories to your wedding ceremony.

  • Have a Theme Pre-party

No matter what the wedding trend is, consider doing something a bit more innovative and creative for your welcome party, dinner, or wedding shower. For pre-wedding events, we’ve seen many couples host movie nights, pizza parties, and events customized to their goals. Whatever style you opt for, always remember to do it up with a unique dress code, innovative decorations, and a setup that fits the moment (i.e. picnic tables for brunch). It’s a chance to make your guests feel unique and enthusiastic about the big day to come.

  • Set the moment

From the past few years,’ couples are switching towards nontraditional ceremony venues and structures. If you’re creating a unique backdrop for your ceremony, make it count. We’re in favour of trendy decorations from repurposing florals and to mind-blowing venues. In recent years there have been more rental services available for the wedding venues, and we encourage you to use them to create whatever moment you seek.

  • The Florals

It’s time to put a new twist on the greenery and floral trends of year’s past. You can accomplish this by playing with different textures, designs and colours, which makes the moment more romantic and memorable. Go with the shades of red and pink to decorate your venue and make the day special.

  • Decorate the walls

It’s no secret that wallpaper on your walls can transform a space at your home, and it’s the same when used at a wedding scene. Decorating the walls can become expensive and pricey, but it will add stars to your entire decoration. There are wedding planners who use prints on statement walls (behind the main table, as an escort card arrangement) to make things unique and memorable.

  • Involve guests and the loved ones in the ceremony

Make your guests feel special on the day by involving them in the ceremony and different events. Treat them with love and affection, and also they are the ones who would be sharing a lot of gifts with you. They are the ones who will set the tone for the night and pray for your promising future. Also, couples have started involving pets in every single detail and don’t forget to include your close friends on the wedding day.

  • Take a Mid-ceremony shot

From the recent past, it’s been a trend to click photos of the couple during the ceremony. Squad pics or group photos are no more in current trends of wedding photography.

  • Rethink the wedding favour

If you’re having a destination wedding planned, forget arranging your favours on a random table at the end of the event. Instead, surprise your guests by leaving a customized treat or a gift (like chocolates, souvenir) in each of their hotel rooms or when they leave the wedding ceremony. We think this makes for an outstanding experience and will make your guests feel special.

  1. Play up after the party

The after-party event is officially part of the event night, so make yours count and memorable. Rather than just hosting an impromptu gathering at a hotel bar or some other place, we suggest finding another area and surprise guests at the end of the wedding night. You can even make this whole event themed. We’ve seen a lot of couples find inspiration from unique places that are important to them—whether it’s a bar they frequently go, a favourite vacation (like Hawaii or Mauritius), or even where they’re honeymooning after the marriage.

  1. Give back to society

Chances are, this is the largest event you’ve ever produced in your entire life, and there will be so many important factors at play. So, as you select a menu for dinner and add fun to a lot of activities, it’s essential to consider the surroundings and be conscious of the decisions you make. Ask your florist to go foam-free/chemical-free. Rethink the exit by opting for biodegradable coloured papers or a light show in place of smoky fireworks. Avoids plastics as much as you can. Recycle what you can and donate the leftovers. The list goes on, and it won’t end, but remember to do your responsibility, give back what you can to the society, and spread the love in the air. After all, that’s what weddings are all about, and you want this event to be memorable. Congratulations on the big day!

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