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Tips on Wellness & Personal Grooming




Wellness & Personal Grooming

A good physique may also be maintained through constant productive activity known as functional fitness. It is a broad term which includes every movement in daily life which brings benefit to the body, either in shape or in health.

It is meant to promote muscle balance, a steady posture, and an increased range of movement. This plan is very appealing even for those who are not fitness buffs, because membership in a gym facility is not necessary to achieve positive results.

All it takes is a little ingenuity and a lot of willpower in order to workout a personal functional fitness plan. For example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator gives the body as much workout as a five-minute cardio exercise.

Other activities which have similar effects, but are usually taken for granted, involve carrying suitcases to the airport (provided that the luggage are not heavy enough as to put excessive strain on the back), getting up from the sofa to fumble with the TV (instead of using the remote), and walking all the way to the local grocery store or the club house, instead of taking the car.

Likewise, a healthy diet also contributes to an overall physical well-being. This means that maintaining the body nourished throughout the day is essential to health.

There are fad diets out there which promise quick weight loss by prohibiting entire food groups from the meals, such as the no-carb diet. This is potentially harmful in the long run, since the body misses out on the nutrients which only these foods deliver.

Moderation is probably the best dieting tip which is applicable to all body types. It has been proven that a daily plan of six light meals (three main meals alternated with three light snack sessions) is healthier than taking in three huge meals; the latter leaves the body craving for food in between meals, so the person is more vulnerable to eating binges, which results in more calorie intake, and an eventual overweight body.

Avoid foods which are too abundant in harmful sugars and calories, such as junk food and white bread. Opt for healthier alternatives instead. Vegetables and fruits, cereals, juices and whole grain breads are recommended, since they offer the needed nutrients, without compromising on the taste.

Hydrate the body with plenty of water throughout the day; water is always beneficial as it helps in flushing out toxins from the body, while keeping it refreshed and nourished.

Supplementary vitamin capsules are also of great contribution to the health, but these should not be intended to replace the nutrients which can only come from food.

The benefits of ample sleep are numerous: it keeps the skin young; it helps the body wind down after a particularly taxing day; it relaxes the mind, so that it can face the next day with a fresh resolve;

it helps in detoxification, as studies have shown that there is an increased breakdown of toxins during sleep; it also calms the senses, which may have been worn out by a stressful day. While different people have different biological clocks,

it has been proven that a restful night’s sleep is more beneficial than that which is taken during other times of the day, as long as the sleeping schedules are not erratic and is regularly maintained. A good six to eight hours of sleep should give the body enough time to readjust itself for the demands of the following day.

Prime the body for sleep in the evening by taking a short after-dinner walk across the block, followed by a quick bath. Intake of caffeine and nicotine is strongly discouraged, as it is an effective stimulant and will surely lead to a sleepless night. Alcohol is known to promote immediate sleep,

but this benefit is countered by the tendency of waking up in the middle of the night, once the body has recovered from the intoxication. Drink a tall glass of warm milk with a tablespoon of honey instead, as it helps soothe the nerves and prep the body for a good night’s sleep.

Make sure that the bedroom or sleeping area is conducive for the purpose. It must be cool, quiet, and darkened so as to simulate the effects of night as close as possible. Make sure that the area is free from any distractions, particularly of audible noise;

a dripping faucet is enough to ruin a potentially restful sleep. The bed should also be soft enough for comfort. Keep these necessities maintained on a regular basis and the benefits will be achieved within the week.

Poor body bearing not only looks unattractive, but it also has adverse health benefits. It takes its toll on the body over time in the form of back and neck pains, poor abdominal strength, which leads to insufficiently supported internal organs.

Keeping the upper body slouched also deprives the body of needed oxygen, since the lungs are cramped; consequently the breathing becomes shallow, more of a task than an involuntary process.

Unfortunately, proper posture is something which isn’t usually achieved overnight; it begins with a conscious effort, but pretty soon, it leads to a habit that’s difficult to break.

The correct posture requires the back to be kept straight and upright, the shoulder’s pulled back and downward, and the head high and focused straight. This allows the spine to be in perfect alignment with the neck and the head, so that if an object is placed on top of the head, it wouldn’t fall off.

The abdominal muscles should also have tone, since they are needed for sufficient body support, and a flat and trim stomach is always a pleasant sight.

Learn proper posture with the following quick tip: stand with your back flat against the wall, and try to get the heels, buttocks, the upper back, the shoulders, and the back of the head to touch the wall all at the same time.

This may be difficult at first if the person is accustomed to an unhealthy posture habit. Now keep that bearing maintained, and walk around in that posture. This may initially be awkward, but with constant practice, it will become a natural habit in due time.

We hope that our tips help you increase your productivity in times like these. Let
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  • Wellness & Personal Grooming

  • Wellness & Personal Grooming

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